Looking for an attractive flooring option that is also built to last? While decorative epoxy is our number one answer to this question, metallic epoxy flooring is a step above and beyond! Metallic epoxy is not only attractive, durable, and resistant but also has an almost universally attractive look that can fit into any home or business.  

Whether you are looking for commercial or residential flooring, you don’t have to sacrifice the WOW factor for usability. Epoxy has you covered on both fronts. Before we continue on to the other awesome benefits of metallic epoxy, here’s a little more about what it is.   

What is Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring, sometimes referred to as coating, is created by applying a clear epoxy protective layer colored with metallic powder over a current concrete installation. Its design typically looks almost like a series of 3D waves with no two installations looking exactly the same.  

The epoxy itself is composed of a resin and hardener that, when combined as a coating, creates one of the most durable floor options out there! If you’re wondering how these two compounds achieve results like that, here’s a quick science lesson. We promise it’ll be the only one. Under the surface, the resin is in a state of flux meaning its molecules are constantly jumping around and ready to pop.  

Once the hardener is introduced, the resin’s molecules break and then combine with the hardener in a series of molecules called a polymer. This occurs over and over chaining polymer to polymer which results in a material that is extremely resistant and durable due to the high level of connections under the surface.  

Pretty cool right? You don’t have to be a scientist though to appreciate the other great things of a metallic epoxy flooring. 

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How Can We Serve You?

Metallic Flooring Services

As stated, metallic epoxy floors are pretty universal in their application. You can add the to just about any room in your home and any type of business with stunning effects. Here are a few of our customers’ favorite ways to use it.  

Metallic Epoxy Restaurant Flooring

Restaurant flooring is subjected to regular foot traffic and spills in the front and back of the house. Traditional, untreated concrete will become stained and ugly overtime as it soaks up the liquids and sauces spilled on it as well as the dirt from patrons over time. Our metallic epoxy restaurant flooring service takes a lot of that worry away with the installation of a beautiful finish that is stain, spill, and foot traffic resilient! What’s better is if an accident does happen, clean up is super easy allowing you to keep the customers coming without the need to close for a deep scrubbing. 

Metallic Epoxy Interior Flooring

Restaurants are just one example of the great interior design choices that open up with the use of metallic epoxy. Metallic epoxy can fit just about any interior space and bring a distinctive look to what could be an otherwise dull room. Our clients have utilized it in doctor’s offices, warehouses, and everywhere in between to great effect! What they really love is how the epoxy spreads across every inch of the concrete, including those hard to reach corners, providing a seamless finish that really lasts. If you’re interested in other interior spaces that can benefit from the uniqueness of metallic epoxy, give us a call! 

Metallic Epoxy Garage Flooring

Garage floors aren’t typically thought of as beautiful but that shouldn’t be the case! Whether you have a commercial or residential garage, metallic concrete epoxy flooring will really make a big difference. In addition to its three dimensional appeal, epoxy prevents corrosion from gasoline, stains from grease or motor oil, and even protects against the impact of heavy machinery hitting it. It’s also durable enough for regular vehicle traffic with a lifespan of multiple years to a decade. Adding metallic epoxy to your garage will leave your customers or neighbors in awe of its beauty.  

Showroom Flooring

Show rooms are all about style and their floors shouldn’t be the exception. One common enemy of a showroom floor is foot traffic leaving dirt and grime behind that just can’t be removed. Epoxy flooring is a great choice for showrooms of any type as it is stain resistant and easy to clean allowing you to keep the floor looking great and all eyes on the product instead. Depending on your color and pattern choice, metallic epoxy flooring can be made to evoke positive emotions which will have your clientele more interested than drab carpet flooring. Metallic epoxy may become your sales force’s best tool to close the deal.   

Retail Flooring

Retail stores, especially high end ones, must give off a certain look to attract the right kind of clientele, you know, the ones looking to buy. Metallic epoxy comes in a variety of colors to choose from that can help drive and boost sales as customers take notice of your unique flooring. What’s more, the more foot traffic you get in store, the less worry you’ll have over the damage left behind to your floors!  Epoxy is extremely durable and able to stand up to daily foot and vehicle traffic so your store will continue looking great all year round. If you’re not convinced , then give us a ring so we can tell you more about adding epoxy to your store.   

Why Choose Epoxy?

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring shares all the advantages of other exterior or interior epoxy floors. Those benefits are:  

  • Resistance to spills, corrosion, heat, and impact

  • Durable enough to last through frequent daily foot and vehicle traffic without blemishing

  • Resistant to stains making it ideal for garages, restaurants, or kitchens

  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly

Outside of the above benefits it shares with all epoxy coatings, metallic epoxy flooring also has its great looks. By mixing in different colored powders, you can achieve all kinds of effects like a group of clouds, the ocean, and lots more! Not only that but if you are adding it to a showroom floor or an area that really needs to draw crowds, marble epoxy and reflective epoxy are offshoots of metallic epoxy flooring that can really impress the masses.  

If you’re looking to install metallic epoxy coatings then give us a ring! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and also provide a free estimate. If you’re not quite sure yet though if it’s for you, here’s a brief look at some of our metallic epoxy services that customers love!  

What About Reflective Epoxy Flooring?

Oh, you’ve come to the right place! Reflective epoxy flooring is a type of metallic epoxy. The biggest difference is in the metallic powder used. Typically, most metallic epoxy will be shiny but reflective epoxy flooring takes it to a completely different level.  

To achieve the reflective effect, we add reflective metallic powder to the clear epoxy coat which when applied creates a reflective effect. This finish, once dried and buffed as needed, becomes a great addition to bars, restaurants, and so much more.  

These are popular choices for use with metallic epoxy designs such as marble where the reflective look really makes the contrast in colors stand out. If you’re interested a super reflective floor for your business (or even your home), give us call!  

Our Simple Installation Process

Installation for metallic epoxy flooring follows a similar process to other epoxy coatings. This process boils down to:  

  • Our team reviews the job site and prepares the existing concrete.

  • We will then apply the primer coat across the surface taking care to fill every inch of the space.

  • Once the primer dries, we’ll apply the first coat of epoxy.

  • After that first coat dries, we’ll apply the second coat of epoxy.

  • Finally, after both are dried, our team again reviews the site and ensures that no bubbling or other issues have occurred due to temperature or changes in the area.

After the process is complete, you’ll be left with a beautiful floor complete with a unique finish you won’t find anywhere else. Not to mention all the benefits that go along with an epoxy floor system!



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Brooks and his team did an excellent job with our new driveway. After building a new barn, the construction crew’s trucks left some pretty

John Doe

Gravel Driveway Installation


Brooks and his team did an excellent job with our new driveway. After building a new barn, the construction crew’s trucks left some pretty


Brooks and his team did an excellent job with our new driveway. After building a new barn, the construction crew’s trucks left some pretty

John Doe


You sure can! However, we do urge and work with our customers to review whether the desired location will pose an issue to drivers due to its shiny nature. There are some techniques we can use to lower the reflective nature of metallic epoxy so it is more suited for outside use.  

Good question! It depends on the location and use of the installation. Garages that see a lot of vehicle traffic, for example, tend to have about 3 – 5 years of use before the coating needs to be replaced. Conversely, a ballroom that sees one party of people a month tend to last about a decade or longer before the next coating is needed.  


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